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Apply for a Business Stimulus Package

April 20, 2009

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In these difficult times, how you present your brand is more important than ever. We understand the challenging and ever changing dynamics of running a small to medium sized business.

We have a few questions for you

  • Is your fear over dropping sales preventing you from focusing on what your customers are looking for right now?
  • Are you paralyzed by fear and uncertainty?
  • Are you playing it safe and staying in a holding pattern until the economy improves?
  • Or have you opted to show courage and leadership by steering your brand to maintain share now and grow into the future?

During this downturn, whatever companies do, or more importantly don't do, will have far-reaching impacts on their customers and brand for years to come. Companies that faced the challenges head-on, retained their wits, and took appropriate actions will be the ones leaving their competitors far behind.

With this in mind (and an excuse to celebrate our new website launch!), SPINN Media is offering all businesses an opportunity to revamp, refresh or create an engaging brand identity with great savings in store.

Sign up for a logo development package by 30 June, 2009 and receive a BONUS stationery design set for FREE! How is that for value? There has never been a better time to purchase a logo development package.

This offer will entitle you to the following

  • Logo Design plus these great BONUS offers for FREE
  • Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
  • With Compliments Slip Design
  • Business Card Design for up to 5 names

This BONUS offer is only valid for a limited period, so contact us for more information.

Standing still is not an option.

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